And What Do You Propose? (Thaelman Urgelles)

In Venezuela,  chaos has reached such a point that even the democratic opposition fell into its vortex. It has been plagued by betrayals and divisions and other different factors, both within and outside the country, this call for restructuring and a new strategy.

There are many ideas on the table, but not only they must emerge from political leaders but from all sectors. Urgelles exposes, in 10 parts, a framework where this avalanche of proposals will have application and outcome.

Thaelman Urgelles 

1) The electoral route was closed, not by our will but by the fraudulent exasperation of the regime. Look at that call of municipal for December, formulated by the illegal ANC. Do you think you can participate in that?

2) At this point, no one disputes the urgency of rethinking the nature and objectives of the opposition alliance, including its breadth, members and decision-making procedures.

3) The recent electoral participation has been decided almost as a lesser evil, as a forced play, being the least expensive and without considering other options, although this inevitably led to failure. It will deprive it of any future decision in the matter.

4) That is not a way of elaborating a political line, be it tactical or strategic. The development of a policy must aim to lead to victory. If this entails tragic risks, they will have to be taken over again.

5) Indeed, the rebellion from April to July this year was eroded and weakened before the criminal repression of the dictatorship. Factor X for it to triumph was the democratic intervention of a section of the Armed Forces, something that never happened. The military will forever have this ignominious debt with the people of Venezuela.

6) The national crisis has not been relieved by recent events. On the contrary, it has deepened and will become much worse.

7) Soon the worsening of hunger and disease – due to scarcity, hyperinflation and macro-devaluation , will open new areas of rebellion. It will have to be assumed, even if the cost is similar or greater.

8) It will not be a new rebellion but a new stage of the existing one, barely interrupted by the error of August to October.

9) In this new stage of rebellion, popular participation will be much more powerful in terms of social and geographical extent, the dictatorship will be weaker to execute its repression and its international isolation will be markedly greater.

10) In such a scenario, the omission of the national military sector will be almost impossible to maintain. And if, despite everything, their cowardice and complicity are maintained, an international multilateral intervention will be justified, to rid the people from this narcodictatorship military.

You may disagree with this, but you cannot deny that here is a concrete plan to move forward. Please do not keep saying that you criticize but do not propose.


Thaelman Urgelles is a movie director, teacher and political analyst. @turgelles in Twitter. Read Urgelles´ articles in his Spanish-speaking blog.

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