How Doug Jones Did the Undoable (Statista)

The unprecedented result in Alabama was the product of multiple circumstances, examined by Statista with figures in its hands:

For the first time in 25 years, a Democrat has won an Alabama Senate seat. Having been the focal point of U.S. politics recently, with President Trump strongly endorsing the Republican candidate Roy Moore, the win for Doug Jones is huge. Losing the diehard Republican state is a major blow for Trump and the GOP and one which will have repercussions in Washington over the coming months.

Against the backdrop of sexual misconduct and assault allegations for Moore, Jones was able to hammer home the 1.5 point victory by winning in key demographic areas while also squeezing extra votes out of traditionally unlikely sources. Our infographic pulls together some of these key exit poll figures.

NK/Statista / Image: a take from Google Images.




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