Talking About the Biggest Nuclear Button (Stats)

The “Who has the bigger button” competition between Donald Trump and North Korea′s Kim Jong-un, brings attention on how many nuclear heads the whole world hosts. Statista provides the numbers by countries:

Currently, there are an estimated 14,555 nuclear warheads in the hands of just nine countries. At the top of the list, as compiled by the Federation Of American Scientists (FAS), are of course Russia and the U.S.With a combined arsenal of over 13,000, this particular hangover from the Cold War is still plain to see. Up to now the two have been undergoing programmes of disarmament – of this 13,400, over 5,000 are officially retired and awaiting dismantlement.

In Kim Jong-un's New Year's Day speech, he claimed that North Korea's nuclear forces are now “completed”, stating that the nuclear launch button is always within his reach. The FAS does indeed estimate that the country is in possession of between 10 to 20 warheads. In response to the claim, U.S. President Trump fired back, pointing out that his button is “much bigger & more powerful” – something which can not be disputed, as our infographic shows.


Imagen: Pixabay.



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